hotel covell

Hotel Covell - STYLE ME GRASIE

It’s the type of hotel, that doesn’t feel like a hotel at all, but instead the dream apartment you would have if you were somewhat rich, super chic and had impeccable taste.

all about the classics

all about the classics - STYLE ME GRASIE

Trends come and go, but these classic pieces will always be in style.

faux fur + tex mex

faux fur + tex mex - STYLE ME GRASIE

This past week I visited a Tex-Mex spot that Damien and I have been meaning to try, and I’m happy to say, this place did not disappoint.

dressy set

dressy set - STYLE ME GRASIE

Sexy and fun yet still appropriate for the office or a business meeting.

varsity blues

varsity blues - STYLE ME GRASIE

It’s the perfect mix of preppy meets edgy; moto meets varsity.